New Partnership with Stockport Cerebral Palsy



Ground breaking Partnership for Stockport

Stockport based MCT (Manchester Community Transport) and Stockport Cerebral Palsy (SCP) Society has established a ground breaking partnership on behalf of the Societys day service based in Heaton Moor insomuch as transport services are being offered and delivered for passengers with disabilities. Under new legislation, passengers in receipt of personalised direct payment budgets can now pay for their transport service directly to MCT allowing them to pick and choose the services they want when they want. Nigel McKinney Managing Director of MCT said “we wanted to ensure that passengers not only enjoyed a quality professional service but that both the passenger and their parents and carers were able to have the flexibility of choice”

MCT is a not for profit transport provider and has been providing services throughout Greater Manchester since 1982. Although predominately passenger and community based transport, MCT operate contracts for Transport for Greater Manchester and the Health Service in addition to working with passengers living with dementia and disabled groups.

Sarah Thomas, the Chief Executive Officer of Stockport CP added “We are delighted that MCT were able to offer this new service to those people who use the Societys day service. It enables them to be able to make a choice as to how they get to and from our day service in a safe and consistent way. People can make their own choices as to whether they make use of the MCT transport offer but at this moment in time those people who have chosen to register directly with MCT and use their transport to come to our services feel its going very well for them. In particular people have commented on the personal approach MCT have employed which has made them feel very comfortable about the service and the staff involved”. Nigel McKinney concluded “We have a dedicated bank of drivers and escorts and this allows MCT to establish good relationships with all our passengers, it is still early days yet but we are confident that we will continue to operate  safe, reliable and enjoyable journeys for all our passengers”

Aug, 25, 2016